Benefits of UPVC

Maximum Wind Resistance

Prozor Tech’s UPVC Window and door Systems are ideal for being installed in high rise buildings, buildings close to the sea, where they are exposed to strong winds, heavy rain and salty water. The windows and door systems can take a wind pressure of 3000PA.

Maximum Water Tightness

Prozor Tech’s windows and door systems have high resistance to drive rain and the joint tightness in the profiles does not allow water to seep in.

Minimal Maintenance

The UPVC profiles used by Prozor Tech do not corrode in tropical and coastal climate. The windows and doors do not require regular painting and any expensive maintenance.

Fire Resistance

The UPVC profiles used in Prozor Tech’s windows and doors do not support combustion and are self extinguishing.

UV Stable

The UPVC windows and doors fabricated by us are completely UV stable and UPVC blend used is especially suitable for tropical climates. The material does not alter under extreme temperatures or weathering.

High Acoustic / Sound Insulation

We at Prozor Tech understand the essential character of a modern window which is protection against noise for a comfortable living. The windows and doors of Prozor Tech insulate noise thus providing comfort to its clients.


With the fabulous inherent material properties of the UPVC profiles used by Prozor Tech, the windows and doors look attractive, and work perfectly well even after many years of use.
These UPVC profiles maintain excellent inherent material properties. The windows and doors are attractive, perfectly tight and working well even after many years in use. The longevity and superior quality of this material has been conclusively proven over 30 years.


Prozor Tech UPVC window and door systems offer wide range of design combinations, which are customized to any possible dimension.


Prozor Tech’s UPVC profiles provide a wide variety of colours to match your needs in coherence with the walls and furniture.

Environment Friendly

Prozor Tech’s UPVC profiles are completely recyclable and eco friendly.

Thermal Insulation

The selection of chambered section of UPVC profiles with unique seal mechanism and a good combination of glass reduces energy loss up to a great extent.

Energy Efficient

The UPVC window and door systems fabricated by Prozor Tech are excellent thermal insulators. It can save up to 30% of energy requirement.

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